Cilento Coast

The coast of Palinuro runs the length of what is known as an area of pure paradise of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cape Palinuro boasts one of the best coastal areas in southern Italy and is home to beaches and small, sandy creeks which feature continually along the length of the coastline. On the shoreline, the beach gives way to small hills, that alternate with the gorges and mountain areas of the hinterland of Cilentano, all imbued in a history of art and the lives of people now long gone.

Cape Palinuro

A dream come true

Cape Palinuro, jutting into the sea with its extraordinary sea caves, beautiful scenery and rock faces of up to 50 metres, is one of the most beautiful areas of coastline in the Campania area.

The area is steeped in history and is of great touristic interest with some of the relics still evident and unchanged to this day. Cape Palinuro is a much visited area for scuba divers who come from all over Italy to explore the magnificent caves, the most famous of which, the Silver Cave, is like a natural cathedral of magic colour and gets its name from the way that the light sparkles and reflects on the sea. Here is also the sulphur sea cave which is home to a sulphur water spring.

The Silver Cave is of great scientific interest to researchers and marine biologists because of the incredible variety of animal life which is to be found there, as well as the sulphur bacteria and various multicoloured sponges.