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Villaggio Saturno
località Torre Mingardo,
84059 Marina di Camerota (SA)


Phone: +39 0974 931354
Fax: +39 0974 931461

In winter time
Phone: +39 0974 931857
Mobile: +39 320 5325143

Where we are

How to reach us

By car
Dal nord: The Saturno Resort is easy to reach via the Salerno-Reggio-Calabria ‘Autostrada del Sole’ (motorway), exit at Battipaglia, follow state highway 18 towards Paestum-Agropoli, and then take the new ‘superstrada’ for Vallo Della Lucania-Sapri, exit at Poderia and follow the signs for Palinuro until the crossroads at the SS 562 Palinuro-Marina di Camerota, at 500 metres, in the direction of M. di Camerota you will find the access road to the Resort.

Dal sud: Take the Reggio -Calabria – Salerno Autostrada A3 (motorway) and exit at Padula – Buonabitacolo. Take the ‘Bussentina’ fast road and before the turn off for Policastro Bussentino, take the state highway 18, exit at Poderia and follow the signs for Palinuro.

By train
Take the Salerno-Reggio-Calabria train line, stopping at Pisciotta-Palinuro, where guests may make full use of the handy bus service. The bus service will stop as requested near to the Resort, or guests may take a taxi. The station is 8 km from the Resort.